Mikai's Pack

Sire: Bax od Sestaku "Aahnii" (A.K.C. FSS, U.K.C.)

Health: OFA HIP: Good, OFA Elbow: Normal, DM: A/N, DW: N/N, OFA Dentition: Full, OFA Heart: Normal, OFA Eyes: Normal

​PENN -HIP  90th Percentile - Excellent 

CHIC# 161428

Akacija's Temperament 

Brave, sweet, calm, fearless, and very outgoing.

Akacjia is my own hand reared puppy, she has been spoiled since day one.  In her younger years she stared in a Movie "Marsh Kings Daughter", thanks to my good friend Terri.   She is very friendly, amazing with mine and all children.  She has a great treat trainabilty.  Suprisingly she has not taken her mothers temperament but her fathers and is very very mellow. She is the Ideal Vlcak,  great trainabilty, with a very relaxed deamener, not timid at all. As a Veterinarian I am very blessed because I am able to bring my dogs to work with me, and they are exposed to all types of scenariors including other animals she has never given me any issues with other animals not part of her pack. Akacjia is my pride and joy and my 1st sucess as a breeder. She boasts colors silver and grey, with a long haired coat.  

Dad Came to visit. 

Dam:Akacija z Mikaijowscy (A.K.C F.S.S.)

Health: OFA HIP: Excellent, OFA Elbow: Normal, DM: N/N, DW: A/N, OFA Dentition: Full, OFA Heart: Normal
CHIC# 161428

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Work and training 

Litter "B" 

5 Puppies Born 2.9.2024 ! 

4 girls 1 boy 

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This litter is great for beginers, or working dogs, as well as show. 

(Of course with proper selection of puppies to their new roles in this world.)  

All puppies sold will have:

 -1st Vaccinations

-Will be dewormed

-AKC Registration


-3 year Health Guarantee 


CsV Breeder

Aahnii's Temperament

Lively, determined and under control. 

Aahnii's was trained to be a movie start but was shy of new people, so his owner decided that show buisness wasn't for him.  He boasts redish tone with a long haired coat.  He was imported from Europe.  Every time we met he was very sweet with me, and was eager to say hello!