Mikai is a mix between whippet and border collie, he is not for sale. When I was over in Europe finishing my Veterinary Degree he was with me every step of the way. He went to lectures with me, and helped me study.  To me he is just like a person very intelligent.  When I decided to start breeding CsV he disapproved at first because he was always the baby spoiled rotten.  He didn't want to share the Lime Light with Tala, but as the years went by he loves her way too much and can't be with out her.  Mikai is our Alpha in the pack, he is the one who keeps order.  Because he has been so patient with me and my ideas and helped me though my life. I dedicate this kennel to him.  Hence the name of our kennel.  

Mikai you will always be my best friend! 

​Love- Julia

Mikai's Pack

​Mikai Mikajowski our Mascot

CsV Breeder