Ferral's Temperament

Lively, friendly, determined and under control. 

Ferral is a very easy going boy, that is not  obsessive in any way, very friendly with people and other dogs.  He sense of control by confidence is what had me. With his owner he was a team.  His owner has trained working German Shepherds for many years.  Ferral is not one of those in your face Vlcaks, but he was open to strangers.  When we were all in Czech, we got to go Zoo's Museums Parks all with our dogs (off leash) everyone of course was well behaved.  He was one of the most quiet Vlcaks I ever met. He had pleasure from completing tasks that where asked of him, always ready to respond to his owner.  

For more info on the Sire FERRAL Z DESTNE HORY, please visit buddywolf.cz

Expecting 3-4 Pups 


Show titles: 1 x Best Puppy, 1 x Youth Winner
Health: HD: A/B, ED: 0/0, DW: N/N, DM: N/N

Unfortunately Tala did not carry to term We are absolutely devastated that this litter did not happen despite out hard work put in. 

Pregnancy confirmed  with ultrasound

Talas Temperament 

Brave, kind, fearless, outgoing, and outrageuos.

She loves everything and everyone. Tala is a free spirit, out of kindness she will keep base with me not because she has too.  She has grown up in  big city and apt. living, did splendid! She has traveled all over Europe with us.  In crowed Venice, Italy she did just fine, was curious of all the new smells, and as long as she was with her pack she was happy.  Being a Veterinarian I was able to take her to work always, she was ok with all types of animals and, situations.  I would have the night shift at the hospital, definitely felt safer with her by my side.  She has a laid back approach and doesn't care. Doesn't make false alarms.  She reacts well to stressful situations, the sky could be falling and she would sit back and yawn.  She uses her intelligence to suit herself.  She runs alongside us when we ride horseback for distances up to 60km doesn't break a sweat.  Tala is an awesome girl, that is always looking to please, well sorta! 

For more info on the Dam TALA SAJANI LUPUSEK please visit our dogs - Tala

Ferral & Tala

Please check out  wolfdog.org  

Database of Czechoslovakian Vlcaks

Show titles


Work and training 

All puppies sold will have:

 -1st Vaccinations

-Will be dewormed

-AKC Registration


-3 year Health Guarantee 



Don't understand the dog show titles  check out this website (copy&paste)


Mikai's Pack


Show Titles:  4 x Youth Winner, 3 x res. CAC,  1 x best Jr. 1 xCAC, 1 x CACIB, Jr. Champion of Czech Rep.

Work achievements: ZZO, ZOP, ZPU1, BH

Health: HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, DM: N/N, DW: N/A

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